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The story of the Lost Boys of South Sudan is well known. But what happened to their sisters? The Dawn Will Break fills in the missing pages. Sister Luise Radlmeier, who is commonly known as "The Mother of South Sudan" learned to face the heinous realities of a genocidal war as a young child during the Holocaust. She went on to save thousands of South Sudanese orphans from a similar war some forty years later. Many of these children were young girls. After rescuing the girls, Sister Luise provided them with education and helped facilitate their resettlement to the United States.

Eighteen Lost Girls now live in Boulder Colorado in the largest community of South Sudanese women outside of Africa. As Sister Luise and her orphan children recount their life stories the true and compelling story of the Lost Girls of South Sudan is finally revealed.

Set within the context and aftermath of Sudan's bloody Civil War, The Dawn Will Break touches on broad Geo-Political and historic themes expressed through an intimate portrait of South Sudan's lost children and Sister Luise's inspirational life.

Universal human rights topics such as, religious persecution, extreme gender inequality and slavery unfold as these inspiring individuals describe their journey of survival and ultimately empowerment as they attempt to help rebuild Africa's newest independent country from the ashes of war.

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