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We are raising additional funds to create a multi media educational outreach package that will include the film, a printed curriculum and a panel of experts. The outreach program will be made available to high schools, colleges and community centers throughout the United States and will serve as a point of departure for students to engage in meaningful discussions on themes such as genocide, gender equality, religious and racial persecution, conflict resolution and African history. Ideally we would like to link these ideas with a broader connection to worldwide history and current events such as Colonialism, Chinese and US oil interests, global terrorism and politics in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The University of San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, Colorado University, University of Oregon and Bowling Green State University, as well as a handful of high schools in the Bay Area, Colorado and Maryland have expressed interest. Community-based presentations, panel discussions and forums have already begun and will continue.

The web component of our outreach plan will feature several short films, a downloadable curriculum, an oral history archive and a blog that will keep people updated, engaged and informed on relevant topics and ongoing events as they happen in South Sudan.

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